About Us


We are Eutropia Aerospace

We want to lead the pack in the Australian space market. We are based in Melbourne, Victoria and we have the dream of being the first Aerospace Company in the world to launch a reusable hybrid rocket into orbit in order the conquer the cubesat market by reducing baseline costs and launch urgency by fast turn launch turn around times.


What sets us apart?

We are the first in the world to design, develop and test a fully functional reusable hybrid rocket system. Our system uses our state of the art Athena V rocket engine which uses multiple propellants in different modes so that landing of the engine is possible. With this capability and our new injection system we could cut launch costs, shattering the existing market.


Want to know more?

We are always happy to chat. Send us an email and any questions and we are happy to answer. We are a team of hard working and genuine people so if we do not respond, don't haste because there will always be a reply.

Our team

Moses Huf-Tirfe


Chief Executive Officer

Hamish Drummond


Chief Technology Officer

Bill Murari


 Lead Aerospace Engineer 

RMIT Aerospace Engineering

Jonathan Ingles


Business adviser

Founder of Wealth on purpose, Impact super, Theory of change

Troy McCann


General adviser

CEO of Moonshot


2019 Avalon Airshow Pitch